Creative Copywriting, Marketing, and Strategy Services

In addition to illustration, I have an extensive background in marketing, copywriting, and web content. Currently, I am the senior content manager at my day job, and previously owned and operated my own marketing communications business for nearly a decade.

I’ve found that many of the tasks I do in my day-to-day are things that my fellow artists and creative types often struggle with. That’s why I’m offering you a selection of writing services to help take some of the pressure off and make your creative business stand out.


Hate writing about yourself? Most people do. But don’t worry, I have you covered.

Bio Editing: $40

If you have something you’ve already written that you just need cleaned up, this is the option for you!

Bio Writing: $80

For those who need to start from scratch, I will either arrange a phone or Skype call with you for a brief interview (preferred) or send you an emailed list of questions to answer. This will allow me to craft a biography for you that you can use on your website, for events, and all self-promotional materials.

You will receive a long form version, mid-sized version, and short version that’s perfect for Twitter or other social media profiles.

Patreon Makeover

I will help you set up your new Patreon for success or fine-tune your existing Patreon to appeal to more backers.

Basic Patreon Strategy: $50

I review your page and provide a detailed audit with optimization recommendations for your intro page only, no tiers. This option includes only my recommendations. You must implement them yourself.

Premium Patreon Strategy: $80

I will make optimization recommendations for both your intro page and tiers. This option includes only my recommendations. You must implement them yourself.

Basic Patreon Optimization and Implementation: $100

I will rewrite your intro page based on my recommendations uncovered in the Patreon audit. This option does not include tiers or supporting posts.

Additional work, such as rewriting tiers or supporting posts may be hired at my standard hourly rate of $80/hour.

Premium Patreon Optimization and Implementation: $140

I will rewrite your intro page and tiers based on my recommendations uncovered in the Patreon audit, a revised thank you page message, and up to two supporting posts. Any additional writing work, editing, or consulting needed may be purchased at a discounted rate of $60/hour (normally $80/hour).

This option is the best value for those needing a complete Patreon overhaul but don’t have a lot of complex tiers and offers.

Deluxe Patreon Strategy, Optimization, and Implementation: $200

You will receive all of the above, plus I will help you create a 1 year roll out strategy and promotional cadence based on your needs and offers. 4 hours of my time to write, edit, or consult (or any combination thereof) in the creation of supporting posts to notify patrons of changes, write patron resources and/or FAQs, or any other supporting documentation recommended during the audit.

This option is ideal for Patreons requiring a massive restructuring or have a complicated reward structure and tier interdependencies.

If you don’t use all of your hours with me pre-launch, you may contact me at any time via email for up to one year for any advice, check-ins, or review on new content you’d like to add on your own. Additional hours may be purchased at a significantly discounted rate of $40/hour (normally $80/hour).

Nicole did a magnificent job of helping me devise a new and improved Patreon so that I can stress less about fulfilling rewards and give my patrons more. That is the kind of magician she is!
— Caytlin Vilbrandt,

Website Copy

As creatives, our websites are focused on displaying the visual. The fewer words, the better! That’s why I offer a significant discount on website copy for art gallery and creative websites, normally quoted at $100-200 for long-form.

Website Audit: $30
(Required with any website copy project)

This fee gets rolled into the price of any web copywriting project you need. An audit lets me examine your website to identify ways to not only improve the copy, but also to see if there are any pages you can combine, restructure, or add for a better user experience.

This fee is so my time is paid for to review your website and provide a precise quote, regardless of if you choose to continue with any of my services.

Website Copy: $60-100
(Per page or per 500 words, whichever comes first)

Websites that need only editing and basic refinements will fall into the lower range, while sites that require complete rewrites or page additions will fall into the upper range. Your audit will include a customized quote to reflect what I feel your website needs to look its best.

Kickstarter Campaign Writing

Launch your Kickstarter with a clear project description and incentives for people to pledge! Since Kickstarters vary by complexity, I offer a range of prices. Contact me with your project details and I will provide you with a precise quote.

Editing: $50-80

You take a first pass at writing your copy and tiers and I’ll clean it up for clarity.

Writing: $100-200

Tell me what you’re wanting to raise money for, the details, and what’s included in your tiers, and I’ll take care of the rest.

Nicole was awesome to work with. She was incredibly prompt, professional, and communicative. She took the rough draft of our Kickstarter writing, along with some creative input about the voice we were looking for, and made it cohesive, so much less repetitive, and fun. She also caught a bunch of little errors in grammar or spacing, and pulled it all together in a much better whole. I am very happy with the results. I would highly recommend her if you’ve got a writing project that needs polishing!
— Foxfeather Zenkova,

Additional Writing and Editing Services

For other writing projects that just need another set of eyeballs and some polishing, I also offer a la carte rates. I charge per length of piece rather than hourly, as I like to provide you with a realistic idea of what you can expect to spend.

The prices listed are the minimum I accept per project, but you can submit multiple copy blocks for review or writing that add up to the listed word count.

Proofreading: $40
(Per 500 words)

I check your content for typos and match styles.

Copy Editing: $60
(Per 500 words)

I refine existing copy for clarity and grammar.

Copywriting: $80
(Per 500 words)

For when you need something written from scratch, such as a blog post or something not listed above.  

Consulting: $60
(Per half hour or the equivalent of 2 long-form emails)

Strategy, recommendations, coordinating, and other non-writing projects.

Ready to gain back some of your time for your craft instead of dealing with the writing chores you hate? Contact me today and I’ll be happy to take some of the load off.

Tell me what you're looking for help with!

Please note that due to my limited availability (day job 4 days per week, plus my own artistic ventures), there is a chance I may not be able to take on your project in the timeframe you expect. I will work with you to ensure everything is delivered on time in a schedule that works for both of us. I appreciate your understanding and flexibility.


  • All written projects come with 2 free revisions.

  • All payment must be sent up front before work begins.

  • Rush work is subject to additional fee (client will be notified prior to charge/project if fee applies).

  • Collaboration on content and approvals will happen in Google Docs. If you’re unfamiliar with this platform or how it works, please view this page for a quick tutorial.