Process Video: Salmon Sashimi Watercolor

I made this awhile ago, (which my patrons on Patreon got to enjoy!) but I figured I should upload it to YouTube. My first YouTube video! This is a process video of the creation of my watercolor painting of salmon sashimi. You can see how I apply masking fluid, the tools I use, how I do background washes, control the color flow of the fish, and add salt for special effects.

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Prints of this piece can be purchased through my online shop here.

Preorder Coyote Jewelry - Necklaces and Earrings

I'm finally getting my artwork turned into jewelry! When I created this coyote design, it was originally made for pins, but the more I wore it as a brooch of sorts the more I wished I could have it as dangly earrings or a pendant. After doing a lot of research and investment, they're officially getting made. Due to costs, I only have a limited quantity available, but I'll be selling them at Biggest Little Fur Con May 10-12 in Reno.

For now, you can preorder yours and even get a sweet discount if you order before April 2! These make a great Mother's Day gift, or just treat yourself. I know I will be. 

Southwest Coyote Earring Necklace Preorder 20 Discount.png