Retiring Prints - March 2019

The number of available prints I have in my online store is starting to reach critical mass, as I’ve been quite productive thanks to the help of my Patreon patrons and private clients. Unfortunately, I am finding myself having to pare down on some of the prints I offer by retiring some older pieces or ones that regrettably don’t sell enough for me to warrant keeping them online and maintained.

In the spirit of Marie Kondo, I’m going to be taking a positive approach to these print retirements, by sharing a bit about what I love about each piece, thanking it before I remove it from my shop. These pieces will be retired March 17, 2019, and will no longer be available for sale after that period, so if you see something you like, be sure to grab it now!

Lily White - 2008

5x7” - Marker
Date of Retirement - March 17, 2019

I created this piece when I was living in a little cabin in the woods and had a lot of time to just experiment with different mediums. I really liked the effects I was able to get just with the markers, and it’s something that in looking at this piece now I really find myself wanting to experiment with again.

I had purchased these pretty little stick-on gems and wanted to do something with them. I created this piece, as well as a sister piece, “Pearlescence”, at the same time.

My good friend, former roommate, and fellow artist, Amber “Vantid” Hill, lovingly calls this piece and my usage of stick-on gems “macaroni art”. She’s not wrong!

Fennec - 2011

8x10 - Watercolor and colored pencil
Date of Retirement - March 17, 2019

For lack of a better title, this is a commission for the same client as my recent piece “Lukan”, featuring his anthropomorphic fennec character.

This was one of several watercolor and colored pencil pieces I finished in 2011, as that was a very productive year for me, art wise. I particularly enjoy the softness of the texture of his fur and the way I captured the wistful facial expression the client requested.

Claws of Fate - 2010

8x10 - Graphite
Date of Retirement - March 17, 2019

I really love drawing mythical creatures, and sphinxes are a good way to practice human faces without committing to the whole figure and abandoning my preference for drawing animals. I was also deeply inspired by Kyoht Luterman’s sphinx in that hers was so beautiful in graphite, I wanted to draw one too!

Boobs on sphinxes are weird. They’re either not there, or they are and they always look out of place. I recall someone once approaching me at a convention saying that they appreciated that I draw “cheesecake”.

I don’t, really. It’s just sphinx boobs with nothing sexual about it, but whatever floats your boat I guess!

River of the Heavens - 2011

8x10 - Digital (Photoshop)
Date of Retirement - March 17, 2019

Okami is a game that means a great deal to me, and continues to be my favorite game of all time. I feel like every time I do fan art, I am unable to do it justice in the way I want, but I still very much enjoy the process.

This piece came to be because a client named WolfWings bought my time to create something on my own personal list of wants rather than a commission. This was pre-Patreon days, so the thought was very welcomed and appreciated, as it gave me the opportunity to play around with a subject matter that I am passionate about.

Here we see Amaterasu looking across the river of the heavens at the brush god and constellation Yomigami, the dragon. I am especially pleased with the saturation of colors I managed to achieve, and would like to do something similar to this in traditional media. To support my personal artwork like this and more, please back me on Patreon!

Thank you for coming along with me on my journey of appreciation for these pieces that are soon to be retired. I appreciate everyone who has supported their creation and purchased prints and originals in the past. I will be retiring more pieces in the future to make way for new art, but you can always buy prints of my currently available pieces in my online shop.