Copywriting, Marketing, and Strategy Services for People Who Hate Writing

My internet presence is primarily about my art, but my primary career is in marketing, copywriting, and web content. I’m the senior content manager at my day job, and previously owned and operated my own marketing communications business for nearly a decade (alongside freelance illustration of course).

I’ve found that many of the tasks I do in my day-to-day are things that my fellow artists and creative types often struggle with. That’s why I now offer a selection of writing services to help take some of the pressure off and make your creative business stand out.

Here’s a selection of what I can do for you:


Hate writing about yourself? Most people do. But don’t worry, I have you covered.

The need for professional biography writing was what initially made me connect the dots between what I enjoy doing and how I can help others within the creative community. Some friends were talking about having to update their artist bios as part of attending various conventions in the “maker” and game design spaces and were absolutely dreading it. I can do this for you!

Here is one I recently finished for Sanchez Rowe.

(Click image to enlarge.)
Here’s his bio that he had before.

(Click image to enlarge.)
And here’s his bio after I worked my magic, borrowing a bit from his resume.


I will help you set up your new Patreon for success or fine-tune your existing Patreon to appeal to more backers.

I read almost every Patreon blog post and keep up-to-date on tools, trends, and best practices. I’m proud of the results my Patreon has brought me, but found that many creatives struggle with writing the messaging to bring fans onto their platform. The biggest issue I see is that most creators have simply too much content on their intro pages. Keep it simple!

Sometimes the ticket to getting more backers is as simple as an intro page refresh, but maybe you need something more complex, like completely reimagining your tiers and offerings. No matter the scope, I have a solution for that.

I recently helped a friend and happy client of mine, Caytlin Vilbrandt of the Tamberlane webcomic, revamp her Patreon direction and tiers for sustainable reward fulfillment. She has a lot of offers and established patrons, so it required a delicate touch that was a challenge, but a success in the end. Read her post that explains everything we did, but of course check out her Patreon for some awesome art and perks!

Nicole did a magnificent job of helping me devise a new and improved Patreon so that I can stress less about fulfilling rewards and give my patrons more. That is the kind of magician she is!
— Caytlin Vilbrandt,


As creatives, our websites are focused on displaying the visual, but the right words can keep people engaged with your content.

If you have your website but need the right copy and structure to really make it sing, I offer a significant discount on website copy for art gallery and creative websites.


Launch your Kickstarter with a clear project description and incentives for people to pledge.

I’ve run several successful Kickstarter campaigns myself, so I have a keen appreciation for how much time and effort goes into them. If you want to outsource some of that hassle, Kickstarter campaign writing is a service I offer! Since Kickstarters vary by complexity, I offer a range of prices, so contact me with your project details and I will provide you with a precise quote.

creative sojourn.jpg

Here’s what my good friend Foxfeather Zenkova had to say about how I helped her with her recent Kickstarter project, Creative Sojourn: Artist’s Journey to Wild China.

Nicole was awesome to work with. She was incredibly prompt, professional, and communicative. She took the rough draft of our Kickstarter writing, along with some creative input about the voice we were looking for, and made it cohesive, so much less repetitive, and fun. She also caught a bunch of little errors in grammar or spacing, and pulled it all together in a much better whole. I am very happy with the results. I would highly recommend her if you’ve got a writing project that needs polishing!
— Foxfeather Zenkova,


For other writing projects that just need another set of eyeballs and some polishing, I also offer a la carte rates.

If you need another set of eyeballs on some of your content or just some quick advice, I offer additional services for competitive rates, including:

  • PROOFREADING: I check your content for typos and match styles.

  • COPY EDITING: I refine existing copy for clarity and grammar.

  • COPYWRITING: For when you need something written from scratch, such as a blog post or something not listed above.  

  • CONSULTING: Just need some expert advice? I’m here to help!

Ready to gain back some of your time for your craft instead of dealing with the writing chores you hate? Contact me today and I’ll be happy to take some of the load off.