I’m deeply inspired by animals and the natural world, and as such, this subject is the one I’m most known for.

Western diamondback rattlesnake with quail feather and egg, creosote bush, copper ore, brown widow spider, desert Canterbury bells, and cholla cactus skeleton.

Desert Treasures - Rattlesnake

Roadrunner with jimsonweed, obsidian, beavertail cactus, sphinx moth caterpillar and adult, and bighorn sheep horn.

Desert Treasures - Roadrunner

Coelacanth with megalodon tooth, ammonite, orthoceras, trilobites, brachiopod, fossilized herring, Petoskey stone.

Ocean Treasures - Ancients

Male pronghorn antelope.


Mexican gray wolf with raven, prickly pear cactus, blue agave, and manzanita.


Kangaroo rat surrounded by scrub jay feather, coyote teeth, yucca seeds, and California golden poppies.

Desert Treasures - Kangaroo Rat

Jackrabbit surrounded by chuparosa, desert lupine, white sage, California golden poppies, coyote claw, and red tailed hawk feather.

Desert Treasures - Jackrabbit

A bull, cow, and baby moose.

Moose Family

A coyote dances with joy at spring’s arrival in the San Bernardino mountains.

Spring Dance

A tiger swims at night among fireflies.